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Hector Manuel Valdivia Renteria

Every flight begins with a fall.

Hi! I am a creative and experienced PHP developer, My imagination some times exceeds my capability so I'm always learning new things, I'm problem solver, efficient and committed programmer. Programing is what I like and want to do, So Contact Me.

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Some essential stuff about

Well in the web development most of my knowledge have been self study, internet help and tutorials. Now talking about programing in general, there are some great school, I like a lot how some teacher don't tray to teach exactly about the programing lenguage, but the etiquete and the embebed systems idiologist that are on this field. In my actual carrer, it don't focus on the programming, but of course it's big part of it.

CBTis 122

Jul 2006Jul 2009

This a tecnical level institude, in here I study mecatronics that is a design process that includes a combination of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, control engineering and computer engineering. But train to focus on the subject, the programming level where in electronics, that for me singfically mark about the conditional, decission and structure.

Tecnologico de Chihuahua

Jan 2010Agost 2015

I studied Electronics Engineering in Advanced Electronic Systems, 'm resently finish my career, is not a completely relevant to web programming , but they instruct us very broadly the concept of embedded programming, etiquette and standards. Why it take me so long?, you ask; well thats just because I been trying to make my self rish (It doesn't work).

My Skill

Lets put some words in it

Well I will like to talk about some of my experience as Developer, the most of them are freelancers, though I consider myself a backend programmer, I have to some experience in Front end, But in projects I like to chose backends because I feel that there is the challenge.

PHP: I started using PHP with the version 4.4.0 but now I moved all my applications and practices to PHP 5. PHP is my specialty because it is the first programming language I learned, I have experience with object-oriented programming in this language, and PDO advanced knowledge. I like standardization so, make my own like frameworks; but I have reach the popular frameworks as:

  • Laravel 5: I used from version 4, it’s a pretty and fun frame
  • Phalcon: It’s the fastest frame and easy to learn

At the time I work with a team of 5 programmers in a homemade framework from the company, it’s always in continuous improvement by me.

MySQL: I mainly use this DB technology, because it get along well whit PHP, I'm not an expert on the console but I know to a large extent the work of a DBA Manager.

CSS maquetation: CSS is not my strong, but I understand perfectly how to used, for development of applications and designs of web. I have to said with sincerity, I’m kind of indecisive person, so I adjust two or three times before found something that satisfy me.

JavaScript: It is the language on booming with the introduction of Node.js, JS is the foundation for the creation of any app. This language has evolved so much that is the future in the industry. I am currently using/practicing with the strongest frames that are Express.js server-side and client-side Angular.js; lately excites me Meteor.js.

jQuery: I have a very good understanding of this library, enough to create plugins and modify an existing one, also I have complete understanding of data management in JSON and XML.

In a matter of handling languages, I use a moderate fluent English, both spoken and written, but reading is my forte, I'm very ustued to study all kinds of manuals, research and tips about programming in English. My native language is Spanish and I have a few problems with orthography, but I handle well the written word.

My work experience is 6 years, I started with a partner as entrepreneurs in web development, and we focused more on the building "systems" because we considered this a major challenge.

At time I was a Freelancer, on multiple projects, so I will make a summary of those most relevant and what was my role in these projects:

KeyA ERP [Junio 2014 - present 2016]:

I am currently working in AIS BUSINESS MEXICO SA de SV, where we are developing an ERP, we have two years producing it, and I were in the very beginning of the system so I set up much of it. My responsibilities were to create billing, payroll, user creation, production engineering, MRP client, creating Jobs Traveler for production and other modules. In each implementation I make a study of these areas to adapt them to the ERP.

  • Adaptation for Balance Manufacturing of KeyA ERP
  • Adaptation for Kopay Franquicias Skincare of KeyA ERP
  • Adaptation for Paking Solution of KeyA ERP
  • Adaptation for Unifrut Cuautemoc of KeyA ERP
  • Adaptation for Bolsas Delta Monterrey of KeyA ERP

Management and distribution of XML invoices System [December 2013 – June 2014]

A simple system in which XML’s are concentrated on an FTP, a PHP cron job extracts its information, and organized by RFC folders, massive handling of invoices sent by mail, admin panel and respective customer panel, which can log in and manage their invoices and report defaulting customers. This system is implemented in Cubylam Chalet, Aichisa, and Parker Store Chihuahua.

Simple monitoring system for branches [May 2013 – June 2014]

An online system for recollecting info of the branches about sales, purchase, warehouse, etc. Implemented in “Perfumes Europeos” and “Pasteleria arandanos”.

Sistema Surtidores Martha (SIMSA) [October 2012 - November 2012]

Study the company to capture the different needs for the proper development of the system, design, logistics and system operation.

Sistema Andamios Santafe [August 2012 - September 2012]

Study the company to capture the different needs for the proper development of the system, design, logistics and system operation.

Safetransport Center [July 2012]

Adapting for self-made CMS of the layout of the page.

Napoleon Zuñiga [March 2012 - June 2012]

Contact Form design and adaptation of a design for the Wordpress CMS.

Kamuerotic [April 2012]

Use and modification of WP e-Commerce plugin, logistics of advertisement publication and advanced search.

BCCL Group [March 2012]

Adapting for self-made CMS of the layout of the page.

Dr. Trimmer [February 2012]

Adapting for self-made CMS of the layout of the page.

Villa los nogales [August 2011 - September 2011]

Contact form for Wordpress CMS and adaptation to responsive design. Also an email campaign for selling terrains.

Casas de cuidado diario [December 2011 - January 2012]

Adaptation of a design to Wordpress CMS, editing plugin for care homes directory, great contribution to Open Street map with the route and street names.

Autoseccion [November 2011 - December 2011]

Use and modification of WP eCommerce plugin, logistics of advertisement publication and advanced search.

ITESM Synergy Conferences [April 2011 - June 2011]

Page design, logistics registration system, online payment through PayPal and selection system schedules.

PIT2 parque de innovación y transferencia de tecnologías [January 2011 - November 2011]

Calendar System and CMS system for the page.

Centro deportivo Tricentenario [February 2010 - October 2010]

Complete build of the internal system, registration, logistics, etc

Diseños de poder integrado [November 2009 - December 2009]

Adapting design to Wordpress CMS.

Premet [September 2009 - October 2009]

Photography of equipment, material and personnel, design of corporate identity manual, design and operation of an internal system for sending mass emails with a user control and newsletters.

Union mueblera [July 2008 - August 2008]

Design and logistics of a simple system of credit bureau.

Jorge Magno [June 2008]

Design a photo gallery of dresses.

Ochoa Comercial [March 2008 – May 2008]

Page design and creation of a simple system of sending mass emails

My Keypoints

I need something to lift my spirits, so thats why of this keypoints about me:
The ability to conceptualise and think visually
Capable to work within a team or alone.
Creative way to do things, even when new not always mean better, but i like to be different.
Ingenious, this is my favorite way to call me, Who would not want to be a Ingenious engineer.
Great logistic, even if I'm a creative person my logic is my way of living..
Smart, that word it's only for my self satisfaction.
Hector Valdivia
     Mexico, Chihuahua
  (614) 222-3305